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Personal Information We Collect

When registering on our website, we require users to enter personal information, such as name, e-mail address and phone number. However, to make a purchase, you are not required to have a registration. Our website can be visited as an anonymous user.

Personal Data Security

All of the personal details that are submitted on our website are protected. Confidentiality is guaranteed. Our data security team is responsible for keeping all personal details fully protected. Unauthorised users do not have access to personal information of users of our website.

Why Do We Use Cookies

Cookies serve as online messages that are sent from web servers to web browsers and include personal details of users. If cookies are given the permission by the user to save this information, then the particular details are used automatically every time they are required without the need of the user to enter them each time. We use cookies to give our visitors convenience when they place orders.

What Do We Do With Personal Details

We treat the personal information of our users with full confidentiality and care. Personal details are not traded, shared or revealed to any unauthorised party. Only authorised third parties that are involved directly in the maintenance of our website can have access to the details of our users. Third parties that are given access are required to agree to our privacy policy and personal details security terms.

Agreement To Privacy Terms

To make a purchase, users are required to agree to our privacy terms and confirm their awareness of our policies.

Privacy Policy Changes

In case we make any changes to our privacy terms, we will post an announcement on our website.