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Gardeners Mates

Our agency specialises in providing top-of-the-line gardening services for areas like Dollis Hill, NW2 and others which are part of London. The procedures which we execute are available every day of the working week and also during holidays and weekends. It will be beneficial for your garden, if you supply it with our specialised cares every once in a while. For the prices which we have, you will be able to do it without worrying about your budget. We have a large variety of affordable gardening services, too. You can try the hedge trimming, the lawn mowing and any of the others you like by making a single call.

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Gardening Services (Team) from £50/h £45/h
Hadge Trimming (Team) from £50/h £45/h
Lawn Mowing (Team) from £50/h £45/h

Gardeners Mates NW2, Dollis Hill

Hedge Trimming

Does your garden look grim and unattractive? Wish you could change that? We suggest you use our help. If you don’t have time to take care of your outdoor area, use the expert gardeners at our company which is located in Dollis Hill, NW2. For a very long time it has been our goal and mission to maintain people’s gardens, cutting the grass, removing dead leaves and branches, shaping their hedges and pruning their trees. We are very skilled and good at gardening, having vast experience in the business. Together we can make your garden a very attractive and cosy place. Make sure you contact us for more information.

  • Lawn Mowing and Maintenance
  • Lawn Mowing and Maintenance
  • Weed Removing and Fertilising
  • Tree Pruning and Shaping
  • Garden Design and Landscaping

Hedge Trimming Dollis Hill, NW2

Lawn Mowing

Have you wondered how your neighbour’s hedge always looks so nicely trimmed, so even and smooth? It is not because of the green thumb he has but because of our professional help. And we can help you with the maintenance of your garden, too.

You can order our lawn mowing services on the phones or you come pay a visit in our office, we are located in Dollis Hill, NW2, in the heart of the city of London. When you come we are also going to give you the price list and any other information you might happen to need.

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Lawn Mowing Dollis Hill

Garden Cleaning

We only recently opened up our London lawn mowing business, and already we have built up an impressive clientele. This is mostly due to our dedication to the job, and our exceptional customer services. All our lawn mowing team are experienced horticulturists, which means we have the knowledge to properly take care of a lawn. We know when it is the best time to mow a lawn, at what depth to put the mowers blades at, so not to shred the grass. We also have machines that act as mulches, which means not only will your lawn look great, but it will be fertilized also, which is more eco-friendly than using chemical fertilizes.