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Gardeners Mates

After a while you might discover that your garden requires more cares and time than you can provide. There is nothing you have to worry about, however, because there is a way to maintain your garden in good condition without drastically changing your schedule. Reserving the professional services that our company offers can be one solution to the problem. In addition to the first-class procedures, we also have an amazing staff of qualified gardeners who are working non-stop. They can provide the garden in your residential or commercial property with excellent and cheap procedures. Contact them at the office in Friern Barnet, N11.

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Gardening Services (Team) from £50/h £45/h
Hadge Trimming (Team) from £50/h £45/h
Lawn Mowing (Team) from £50/h £45/h

Gardeners Mates N11, Friern Barnet

Hedge Trimming

Why don’t you reserve a professional gardening service with the most competent gardeners in London? They can be found from Monday to Sunday in the official headquarters of our respected company, which for the moment is located in Friern Barnet, N11. You will receive the full attention of our gardening specialists who will take into consideration every detail you give them about your garden and the thing that you want to change. When they have enough information, they will come to your property and take care of everything. They can perform a lawn mowing, clean the weed in your garden, rearrange the flowers and many other things.

  • Lawn Mowing and Maintenance
  • Lawn Mowing and Maintenance
  • Weed Removing and Fertilising
  • Tree Pruning and Shaping
  • Garden Design and Landscaping

Hedge Trimming Friern Barnet, N11

Lawn Mowing

We all appreciate real professionalism and we are trying to be professionals in our domains, and at the same time we do not like it when people are messing around with the work without being specialists. So your best decision will be to leave the hedge trimming to the gardeners of our Friern Barnet, N11 situated company. We are the best in London and we are going to prove it only if you decide to call us now, you can also receive additional information and book one of our teams, one thing is sure- you will not be disappointed.

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Lawn Mowing Friern Barnet

Garden Cleaning

Our London based lawn mowing business offers a wide range of services. From weeding, to hedge trimming and the likes. We offer our clients a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly lawn mowing schedule, so you don’t have to worry about maintaining your gardens. We have been in business for many years, which shows all our customers that we are no fly by night company, we are here to stay. We are fully insured, and come with every tool and appliance imaginable to successfully care for a garden. So don’t delay, pick up the phone today and speak to our of our customer representatives to make an appointment.