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Gardeners Mates

Are you struggling with maintaining your garden? Why not hire our experienced gardeners to tackle the issue? We have a very well-trained team of gardeners who work with desire in and near Hoxton, N1. We offer mowing, tree surgery, patio cleaning, trimming and other services alike. Whether you need a one off gardening session or you would love to leave garden maintenance to us, we will address your enquiry. We have lots of options, so be sure to contact our co-workers to require a full list of the jobs we do. We are convinced once you try our service, you will use us in the years to come.

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Gardening Services (Team) from £50/h £45/h
Hadge Trimming (Team) from £50/h £45/h
Lawn Mowing (Team) from £50/h £45/h

Gardeners Mates N1, Hoxton

Hedge Trimming

You can keep your garden in an excellent condition, if you rely on our skilled gardeners. They will create the garden design you want, look after the proper and healthy growth of your trees, lawn, hedges, flowers and bushes. You can have your patio and the paved areas in your garden cleaned with modern pressure washing machines. Our gardeners will remove the weeds from your garden, clean it from fallen and cut branches, leaves and wastes. Order the gardening services you need and you will have your garden kept in a healthy and clean condition. Our gardeners are at your disposal in Hoxton, N1 every day.

  • Lawn Mowing and Maintenance
  • Lawn Mowing and Maintenance
  • Weed Removing and Fertilising
  • Tree Pruning and Shaping
  • Garden Design and Landscaping

Hedge Trimming Hoxton, N1

Lawn Mowing

We know that you have a green thumb and you are an enthusiast to take care of your garden on your own, but there are some garden activities that need proper professional care. One of the things that you cannot do by yourself is the hedge trimming. Not only you need professional scissors and machines but you also need very particular skills. If you decide to entrust us with the beauty of your hedges we will send to your house very skillful gardeners who in no time will trim the hedges and the trees.

You can come to our offices in Hoxton, N1, London and place an order.

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Lawn Mowing Hoxton

Garden Cleaning

It’s great when your house looks good and it’s clean inside, but aren’t these things important for the outside, also? You should take care of both. If you have troubles with keeping your grass cut and green, do not waste time and call us for help. We are a leader among all companies offering lawn mowing and if you need someone to help you with your lawn, we are the right choice. We promise we won’t disappoint you. Regardless of your address, whether it is in Hoxton, N1, or any other part of Greater London, we will find and send a team as soon as possible.